Invisible Ghostbusters

It's Halloween time and the monsters of Beat-Boot-Ique come out with a fresh Halloween bootleg album made by a bunch of very distorted bootleggers from around the world. Check out the album at http://www.beat-boot-ique.co.uk/ . Anyway, my contribution is this album-filler involving

Queen - Invisible Man, Ray Parker Jr. - Ghostbusters, samples from Mika's "Relax" and MJ's "Thriller"

[n/a] Invisible Ghostbusters


Children Say It Right Video (by VJ Dano)

Big props for VJ Dano from the UK, who made this excellent matching video for "Children Say It Right"

Click here [mpg]

If you're a multiply member, check out the Farout Sounds Entertainment site for other great mashup videos he has made. He made a video for "Finally Waiting For Tonight" as well.